Walking Football - Standard Rules

Walking Football rules can vary from place to place - and are sometimes adapted in order to accommodate players of differing ability levels, for example with the introduction of a three touch rule.

So the following are essentially guidelines - drawn from standard UK Walking Football regulations - which can be applied to both competitive and non-competitive matches.  And which can also be adapated to suit circumstances such as the playing facilities and equipment available.

The most important, unwritten rule is to play for enjoyment. Fouling, swearing, arguing with officials etc all result in an automatic sending off.

21 metres x 42 metres

3 metres wide x 1 metre high

6 players, usually comprising 1 goalkeeper and 5 outfield players.  

Although the European Football Development Network also sanctions the use of no goalkeepers at all, should participants prefer.

40 mins - comprised of two halves of 20 minutes.  Plus a lenghty half time break!

No running or jogging with or without the ball - results in free kick.

Walking is defined as always having one foot on the ground.

No tackling or physical contact - results in free kick.

Unlimited substitions.

No off side rule.

Ball remains below head height at all times.

Rebounds off walls indoors/in event of walls - corners and kick ins outdoors/abscence of walls.

All free kicks are indirect.

Goals can be scored from any outfield position - but not from kick offs, drop balls, kick ins or goalkeepers kick or throw.

Outfield players cannot enter penalty area.

Back passes to the goalkeeper are permitted and he can pick them up.

Opposing players must retreat at least 2 metres for corners, free kicks and kick ins.

In the event of the ball going above head height when the goalkepeeper makes a save possesion automatically is given to the goalkeeper

Goalkeeper may not leave the area - except by momentum when mkaing a save.  If the GK deliberately leaves the penalty area or denies a clear goal scoring oppourtnity he concedes a penalty.